International Catchathon 2018

Every human from all corners of the world is invited to give one hour to fight Alzheimer's during the Stall Catchers Annual International Catchathon

World Alzheimer's Day, September 21, 2018 🌍 48 hours around the globe

What if everyone gave one hour to help fight Alzheimer’s disease? YOU are invited to join the Stall Catchers Annual International Catchathon for World Alzheimer’s Day, September 21, 2018. By playing a simple game, you will help speed up Alzheimer’s research data analysis at Cornell University.

Citizen scientists around the globe will join forces for 48 hours – from the minute World Alzheimer’s Day begins somewhere on the planet, to the last minute of it in the latest time zone. One selected “Golden Hour” (TBA) will be streamed live, pulling together video feeds from teams across the world.

Sign up to participate individually or with a team!

Stall Catchers is an online game that anyone can play to help speed up the search for an Alzheimer’s cure. The game, which has been featured on PBS, Wired, and the Washington Post, could reduce the time to find an Alzheimer’s treatment from decades to just a few years. Learn more about Stall Catchers here.

Last year, over 20 teams from 15 countries on 6 continents joined the Catchathon, together completing one week of research in just one hour.